KEI (Kuntz Electroplating Inc.)

Racker / Packer

Racker / Packer



  • Segregate and pack parts according to its disposition.
  • Transfer parts from one conveyor (or container) to another.
  • Prepare containers and materials (cuts foam) for packing.
  • Place the appropriate plastic bags on good tubes for packing.
  • Look for sharp edges and build-up on parts.
  • Must band down all full skids, with banding straps, and ensure parts are packed properly and securely.


  • Rack parts; using auxiliary anodes, robbers where appropriate.
  • Transfer parts from conveyor, table, skid, etc to rack, and secures the parts in place with required wing nuts/ hardware.
  • Ensure parts are entering (and exiting) line in a specific order.
  • Monitor parts and notifies Inspectors/Supervisor of quality concerns observed.
  • Assist track parts, as per Supervisor; fill out forms, tracking sheets and tags where required.
  • Assist with rack changes as dictated by the schedule.
  • Remove excess compound from parts as required.
  • Remove anodes from work bar until they can be reused; ensure they are properly stored.
  • Remove parts from rack, and place them onto conveyor or into appropriate containers.
  • Communicates any changes needed to be made to the line cycles (or order), to the Lead Hand/Line Operator/Supervisor.
  • Ensures all tooling/equipment being used is in proper working condition, and replaces it as needed. This includes racks, work bars, auxiliary anodes, wing nuts, cables, fixtures, bar code markers, etc.
  • Performs general rack maintenance (remove buildup and rubber coat) as needed.
  • Inform Supervisor/Lead Hand/Line operator of alarms sounding in area.

Must follow safe work practices, know and comply with all regulations, report an injury or illness immediately, report unsafe acts and/or conditions.

Communicate any problems, materials required, safety or quality concerns to Supervisor in a timely manner.

Adhere to documented work procedures set out for the activities being performed

Perform 6S (housekeeping) and various maintenance duties as directed by Supervisor.

Strive for continuous improvement through working with your deptartment and or suggestion award system


  • Grade 12 or equivalent preferred.
  • Observant with an eye for detail
  • Ability to work well in teams
  • Knowledge of part numbers and proper packing procedures.
  • Close attention to ensure parts are packed properly.
  • Constant physical exertion; average lift up to 20 lbs.
  • Flexibility, ability to work overtime when needed

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